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Faster Freight - Cleaner Air (FFCA) continually breaks the mold with respect to innovative agendas, executive-level speakers, and the newest information on topics and issues facing the goods movement industry today. Post-event surveys reveal that attendees know FFCA is the best source for in-depth discussions on the important issues that affect day to day operations and decision-making.

FFCA focuses on collaborative discussions among industry leaders, peer groups, researchers and educators and government/regulatory agencies. Click on one of the events below to see the agendas from each of these ground-breaking conferences.

Speaker presentations from all past FFCA events may be viewed by clicking HERE.

  • California, Long Beach, California, March 2009
    The event program included prestigious speakers from all over the world that
    gave important presentations and remarks on meeting growth challenges,
    reducing the impact of climate change, and moving forward with efficient,
    sustainable, and clean air solutions.
    Agenda (PDF, 104 KB) Breakouts (PDF, 76 KB) Presentations (view)

  • Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Washington, September 2008
    W. Patrick Burgoyne along with many others joined FFCA at the Bell Harbor
    Convention Center, highlighting the most impressive clean air solutions in the
    goods movement industry today.
    Agenda (PDF, 204 KB) Presentations (view)

  • East Coast, New York, New York, July 2008
    Featured speakers such as Alberto Alemán Zubieta and Patrick E. Quinn
    highlighted revolutionary changes in goods movement.
    Agenda (PDF, 140 KB) Presentations (view)

  • California, Los Angeles, California, February 2008
    Bob Foster, Mayor of Long Beach set the stage for solutions and resources
    to improve air quality and reduce emissions from the goods movement industry.
    Agenda (PDF, 840 KB) Presentations (view)

  • Puget Sound, Seattle, Washington, May 2007
    Jay Manning of the Washington Department of Ecology opened the conference
    with a focus on goods movement and freight mobility issues.
    Agenda (PDF, 80 KB) Presentations (view)

  • California, Long Beach, California, February 2007
    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave the first Keynote Address of this event
    showcasing solutions to reduce emissions from the goods movement industry
    while creating healthy communities.
    Agenda (PDF, 116 KB) Presentations (view)

  • California, Long Beach, California, February 2006
    Opening the conference, Mayor Beverly O’Neill joined FFCA in paving the way
    for innovative programs, policies and technologies being implemented in ports
    around the nation to improve efficiency and reduce air emissions.
    Agenda (PDF, 236 KB) Presentations (view)

  • California, Oakland, California, November 2004
    Keynote speaker Barbara Kaufman of Governor Schwarzenegger’s office anchored
    the inaugural FFCA conference to reduce air pollution from the movement of goods
    throughout our communities.
    Agenda (PDF, 252 KB) Presentations (view)

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